George Lockwood

Santa Ynez, CA

I began painting while working as a guide in Alaska. I was commissioned to paint the Alaska Duck Stamp in 1994 and it was selected as nation's best duck stamp design for that year. With this kind of encouragement, I began to think about art a bit more seriously. I have since painted 20 stamps for different states and organizations. I have lived in Alaska, Arizona and California and I like to travel as well, looking for subjects to paint. While I'm probalbly best known for waterfowl and big game paintings, I paint anything that I find interesting. I now paint several commissioned pieces each year and participate in shows around the country. My art has benefitted many organizations including Ducks Unlimited, The Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. My work is published by Wild Wings in Lake City, Minnesota. I hope you enjoy what I enjoy.